April is Stress Awareness Month!


Stress and its attendant problems


Stress is a major part of life these days.  


No matter how old, young, rich or poor one may be, stress is always present at some time or the other. It can be work-related or it could stem from problems at home or at school.


Prolonged stress can lead to so many health problems.  A few of them are stomach ulcers, acne, chronic anxiety, tension headaches and heart attacks.


There are several ways to ease stress when the levels get too high, and below we have listed 14 ways to do so.


14 Ways to reduce Stress


1.  Smile at someone.


2.  De-clutter your space-whether at home or work.


3.  Put away your smart phone for one hour.


4.  Drink black tea.


5.  Forgive someone who’s offended you.


6.  Have a relaxing massage.


7.  Peel and eat an orange.


8.  Indulge in aromatherapy.


9.  Eat an avocado.  (The potassium in avocados can help lower blood pressure levels).


10. Have a good laugh.


11. Think of something you are grateful for in your life.


12. Give yourself some quiet time and meditate, or just sit quietly.


13. Have a warm bath.


14. Listen to soothing music



In this Stress Awareness Month make an effort to incorporate some of these practices in your life, and reduce the ill-effects that stress can cause.


Do you know any other ways to reduce stress? Please share in the comments below!

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