Massage Services

Swedish Full Body Massage                                        -  GH¢140

This helps to relax and ease muscular tension and relieve stress.

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage                                 -   GH¢170

This releases tension from tense & tight muscles.

Aromatherapy Swedish Massage                                  -    G180   Massage with Essential Oils to soothe & revitalize body and maintain good circulation 
Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage                       -    GH¢195
Massage with Essential Oils for pain and stress relief
Hot Stone Swedish Massage                                     -   GH¢200    Helps to draw out tension in the muscles by the use of massage

and heated stones placed on energy points of the body.


Hot Stone Deep Tissue Massage                                -   GH¢220

Deeply penetrating & beneficial massage from the use of the hot stones, with relief from the deep tissue strokes.

Back and Neck Massage                                                          -    GH¢90

Deeper bodywork to release tension from neck, shoulders & back.

Back & Neck Hot Stone Massage                               -    GH¢100

Therapeutic tension and stress reliever.

Indian Head Massage                                                  -    GH¢50   

Helps to relieve tension headaches.


Sauna session (15 Mins)                                                       -     GH¢60

Sauna session (20 Mins)                                                       -     GH¢70 

Combo Packages


1.  Back & Neck Massage                            

     Express Mani / Pedicure                                -           GH¢140

2.  Back & Neck Massage 

      Regular Facial                                                 -           GH¢160

3.   Sauna Session 

      Swedish Full Body Massage                         -           GH¢180

4.   Swedish Full Body Massage

      Express Mani/Pedi OR Facial                       -           GH¢200

5.   Sauna                                                                         

      Deep Tissue Massage                                   -           GH¢210

6.   Deep Tissue Full body Massage

      Pedicure                                                         -            GH¢210

7.   Full Body Scrub

      Pedicure                                                         -            GH¢230

8.   Aromatherapy Swedish Full Body Massage

      Regular Facial                                                -            GH¢260

9.   Swedish Full Body Massage / Skin Glow Facial

      Pedicure                                                         -            GH¢270

10. Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

      Acne & Spots Facial Treatment                 -             GH¢280  

11. Swedish Full Body Massage                   

      Acne & Spots Facial Treatment

      Pedicure                                                           -          GH¢290

12. Sauna Session  

       Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

       Regular Facial                                                 -          GH¢300

13.  Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

        Rejuvenating & Brightening Facial             

        Pedicure                                                         -          GH¢350

14.  Hot Stone Deep Tissue Massage

        Revitalizing Facial

        Manicure / Pedicure                                     -          GH¢370

15.  Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

        Skin Renewal Facial (Dead Sea Mud, Collagen, Aloe Vera)                  

        Pedicure                                                          -         GH¢400

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H/No. 13, Otswe Street,

Down Osu La Crescent,

Adjacent to Rev. Dagadu Methodist Church 

Ako Adjei Park, 

Opp. New Media Hub,


Other Services


Regular Facial                                              GH¢100

Revitalizing Facial (Incl. Sheet Mask infused with Minerals)                                                        GH¢125

Skin Glow Facial (Incl. Dead Sea Minerals Mask)                                                                          GH¢140

Facial Treatment (Acne, Spots)                  GH¢150

Rejuvenating & Brightening Facial   

 (Cosmedix Essentials Range for beautiful, glowing skin)                                                    GH¢170

Skin Renewal Facial (Dead Sea Mud Range to hydrate & renew skin, with Collagen, Aloe Vera and other natural minerals)                                GH¢200


Invigorating Back Scrub              -  GH¢80

Body Glow (Full Body Scrub)    -  GH¢200

Manicure  -  GH¢40

Pedicure  -  GH¢50


Therapeutic Foot Soak Pedicure   -  GH¢60

Reduce your stress, book your appointment NOW and your body will thank you!


"I absolutely loved it. The beds were comfortable and the atmosphere was relaxing. The ladies are so professional and were excellent. I released so much tension from my shoulders. I will be going back very soon. Was well worth it"

Tessa Schoeman van Aswegen

 “I enjoyed my Swedish massage this afternoon.  Professional staff at my disposal.”

Edith Arthur

   "I really enjoyed my Hot Stone massage."

Lynn L.

"From the time Kate anwered the phone to the very second my family and I walked out of Tranquility Spa...we were greeted and cared for with love and excellent customer service. For a first time visit, I decided to surprise my aunt and cousins to a royal treatment day at the spa. We were all wowed at the level of professionalism, cleanliness, respect and enough smiles to light up a room! And to top it off...they also have a great loyalty program! I would easily recommend Tranquility Spa to anyone! Come and literally let them melt your stress away! Bridgett did an amazing job!!"

Christiana Afotey

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